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Flipside magazine is the best technology lifestyle title for teenagers, stuffed with 80 pages of the sharpest reviews, hottest stories and weirdest facts. Every month during term time the latest issue lands in your school library. or you can bag your own copy by emailing flipside@subscription.co.uk

Image of the final Flipside cover

Flipside magazine closure July 2014

Following a strategic review by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) of its education activities, it has been decided to discontinue Flipside.

Published: 24 June 2014  |

Flipside app Library in iOS

Flipside tablet edition

Flipside now has an interactive edition for tablets. It’s like the Flipside you know and love in print, but you can do more with it than the boring old printed page will allow.

Published: 28 April 2014  |

The Incredibles

Disney set to launch Skylanders rival this summer

So are you ready for another interactive Near Field Communication interactive gaming platform? Disney hopes so...

Published: 29 January 2013  |

Xbox 720?

New Microsoft games machines rumoured

Is Microsoft preparing to flood the market with new games machines?

Published: 24 November 2012  |

Xbox Smartglass

SmartGlass App now available to download

Fancy controlling your Xbox 360 with your phone or tablet?

Published: 17 November 2012  |

Xbox Music

Xbox Music launches on console, PC, phone and tablet

Step aside Spotify and watch out Apple, a new and free music service is set to make a play for chart success

Published: 17 October 2012  |

PS Mobile

PlayStation Mobile for threes-up gaming

So, buy one game and choose three bits of hardware to play it on? Sounds like a good deal - Sony seems to think so too...

Published: 06 October 2012  |

London Games Festival

October is the month of Games in London

What's going on at the annual London Games Festival this month?

Published: 02 October 2012  |

Halo 4

Master Chief is back: gameplay report

We played Halo 4 campaign, co-op and multiplayer today - don't call it a comeback, Master Chief has been here for years! Want to know more? 

Published: 27 September 2012  |

Wii U console

Get your mitts on brand new Wii U console

Wii U - play for free - want to know more? Thought so...

Published: 26 September 2012  |